gallery Corus Web Design Visual Prototype.

The first challenge that I have set was to find a well-known company with an out of date website design. The requirements for my selection were: Canadian company, preferably based in Toronto, with current/potential high volume of customers and ideally that I like/know/heard of. Majority of profitable companies of course do have updated website designs. Corus Entertainment, the leading Canadian specialty television and radio producer company was a great fit to criterias. Corus Entertainment makes a great visual representation by a modern office building facing a magnificent lakefront view. Company’s website is easy to navigate, but to my greatest surprise website design is quite out of date.

Corus Entertainment web page
Current Corus Entertainment Web Page

Creating a web design prototype in Photoshop requires a great time investment. Attention to details and proper organisation  are significant keys in the working process with different layers. It was quite challenging to keep track of all the layers that were created. During this project  marking all the groups with colour was very helpful and made the workflow much easier. Locking layers significantly improved my work process by the end of the project and helped to avoid mistakes while managing layers.

Proper proximity and alignment are very important in creating clean and balanced layout. Newly discovered View – New Guide option to place guides vertically and horizontally exactly where needed. New version of Adobe Photoshop has a great feature that shows spacing and measurements between selected groups and layers. These available options helped me to save time while working on the project.

Guides and Alignment
Guides and Alignment
social media
Icons Proximity

The main project goal was to keep website design usability and ergonomic as simple as Corus’ current website, but at the same time make visual appearance modern and sleek. I added more visual content and significantly important social media links. Company identity and branding  were considered and preserved by using original logo, related images and text. While working on the design layout, I looked through few dozens of different website designs, layouts and colour combinations. For instance idea of the quick links menu above the search bar came from Liberté Inc. website. Screenshots and sketches brought me to the final version of the design prototype for Corus Entertainment website that is presented below.

Corus Web Design Prototype
Corus Web Design Prototype