Microsite Navigational Hierarchy

Navigational Hierarchy for Interactive Media Program

Microsite navigational hierarchy is created for current Interactive Media Design students. We considered needs, purpose of visiting the site, what information student is more likely to search and what information and external resources will be useful for students in this program.

Main goal was to accomplish the most pleasant website experience by predicting “user experience scenarios”, arranging metadata the best way possible to help each student to complete the task needed. This microsite navigation hierarchy consists of 4 main pages:

  • Home;
  • Study Resources;
  • Student Services;
  • Personal Student Page.

Website navigation

Home page features necessary information for each student: news, updates, events, etc. We took into consideration that students has to be up to date with the industry news and new technologies, link to Events page shows information about current college and industry events and social gatherings that will open excellent opportunities to expend connections and be up to date within the in the field of interest. AV Room booking link is very handy to book a room with one click.

Study Resources page consists of program related online resources, free downloads, tutorials and online/offline tutoring assistance.

Student Services page will help each student to search for job, volunteer and internship opportunities, find out information about financial aid, etc.

Personal Student page helps to easily check grades, assignments, communicate with teachers and students in the program, check schedule, pay fees and download, upload documents and assignments.

Microsite navigation is very handy and useful, making browsing experience easy and productive.

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