Strategy, goals, functional specifications


Project Summary:

VisoCust is an online streaming service offering selection of TV shows, clips, movies and other streaming media. It is a highly competitive streaming network with an opt-in advertising option and “pay as you watch” user-centric approach. Along with innovative technologies VisoCast brings new approach to the online streaming market; company requires a functional website with increased usability that will give users best experience in navigating the website, finding related content, watching add-free favorite episodes, movies, TV shows.

Business Goals

  • Increase website traffic and brand awareness

  • Create user-centric website that is easy to navigate, customise, organize, share and view content
  • Increase new sign-ups and retain customers’ loyalty
  • Maintain equal correlation between customers’ satisfaction with the content quality and simple yet creative and interactive user experience.

Website Goals

  • Create highly interactive website that is appealing and easy to use for all targeted user segments;
  • Responsive design, accessible via various devices (desktop, tablet, mobile);
  • Easy to navigate, share, watch, sign-in, maintain account (within one-two clicks);
  • Ability to effortlessly scan pages and locate necessary content and information;
  • Create excellent experience for the firs-time users;

Engage users to use VisoCast on different streaming devices (TV, computer, tablet, mobile) and motivate to download proper platform VisoCast application to stay connected and watch favorite TV shows, episodes at home and on-the-go (generate 5000 new application downloads within 1 month after the new website launch). By launching new expectations are to increase new users’ sign-ups by 15%;

Main targeted audiences are in the frame period of Millenials and Generation X age category (25 – 45 years old). Potential users possess a busy lifestyle, have stable income of min $35000 per year and are tech savvy.

Competitive Landscape

With new technologies evolving at a rapid phase, online streaming market is highly competitive. Among competitors are companies both pioneers and newly launched.competitive_landscape_vividpixel500Measures of Success:

VisoCast will use the following metrics to evaluate the success of the redesigned website and identify if set goals are achieved and if improvement is occurred on the monthly basis.

  • Unique users per month
    • New users
    • Returned users
  • Traffic (organic, paid, direct, referral, social)
  • Total time spent per user per day
  • Page views per visit
  • Traffic by type of device (tablet, TV, desktop computer, mobile)
  • Monthly revenue
  • New application downloads per device per month
  • Conversion rate per user


It is significant to define specific key performance indicators to measure the success of the newly launched website and track monthly improvements and instantly predict and prevent failures.


Functional Specifications

This document provides the outline functional specifications and requirements for the VisoCast website developing process. Key performance of the website is streaming high quality content, multiply streams simultaneously to any user’s device (mobile, TV, pc, tablet). It is significantly important to minimize the path user will use to find, share, create the content. Easy, simple, fast and secure are the main keywords that describe users’ website experience.

The objective of the following chart at this level is to ensure that the key system functionality is indicated, further detailed specifications will be determined at a later phase of the project. Search for content based on user input should be highly efficient.

VisoCast functional specifications are included in the following chart, but not limited to possible changes as the project proceeds. More details will be added and existing information may be edited as the database structure, site architecture and use cases evolve in the course of the VisoCast website project development.


Once the user launches the website the home page will have the following items:



Top navigation for all the signed-in users has a fixed position at the top of every page




Footer has a fixed position on every page. Available items visibility for logged-in and not logged-in users varies.